Young Lady stripped and Molested For Allegedly Stealing A Phone (Watch Video)

It’s always surprising how people can result to very barbaric acts just because someone committed a crime they themselves could be easily committing. A Young lady was stripped naked by a group of people for stealing a mobile phone in Benin City and the video has since gone viral on the internet.

The people involved in this barbaric act did not only strip her naked, they also inserted pepper into her private parts and in the video the lady is heard crying and denying the accusation leveled against her, while she was being humiliated by the crowd who refused to show her mercy.

There have been several calls from the general public urging the state authorities to find the culprits and bring them to justice. Chairman of the platform and former Student Union President of the University of Benin, Mr. Abubakar Yesufu, urged the state Director, Department of State Services, DSS, to be involved in the investigation.

In a statement on Tuesday, Yesufu said: “The League of Patriotic Lawyers has given the Edo State Commissioner of Police 24 hours to arrest and commence prosecution of all the street urchins behind this barbaric, inhuman, wicked, ungodly and unacceptable act, whose video has gone viral on the social media.

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“Failure to unravel the perpetrators would lead to serious legal consequences against the various security agencies, especially the Police and Director of DSS in the state. This ungodly act shows that law and order have broken down in Benin. “We call on the governor, who is undoubtedly unaware of this devilish act, and the Secretary to the State Government, a very hard working and God-fearing man, to ensure that the perpetrators are tracked and punished accordingly.”

“We are not concerned about the merit of this case at this moment, but the exhibition of extreme cruelty which is completely alien to our revered culture and tradition.’’

Watch The Video Below (Viewer Discretion Advise)