Mr and Mrs Rawlings
Mr and Mrs Rawlings

The unfolding story of the white giant and the little black lady which is believed to have commenced since senior high school, through series of coup d’etat, instilling democracy in Ghana and consistent advocates for probity and accountability can only be confirmed by the two.

These love birds portrayed a sweet tasty couple which influenced people to continuously learn and follow their family lifestyle which were well documented in books and telecasted and broadcasted on TV and radio respectively. Their immense contribution to Ghana and the National Democratic Congress (NDC) cannot be overemphasised. On the latter, the white giant ruled Ghana for 18 years representing the NDC for 8 years through the democratic rule.

His charisma, well calculated passion for the country and undying love for the NDC were some few attributes noted from the lot. Nevertheless, he was a symbolic figure of a tyrant, a control freak and “Mr.Knows all” kind.
This can be buttressed with the dispute he had with his late vice; Ekow Nkensen Arkaah and the authoritative manner in which he presented the then flagbearer of the NDC in 2000, the late prof. Mills. Out of excruciating pain, despondence, displeasure and fear some prominent figures dejected the party. However, party members who had bought into white giant’s agenda supported and jeered his initiative. The NDC lost the elections that year. The then NPP put white giant and little black lady through a lot of adversaries but the unflinching love of the NDC never ceased to shower on the two.

In 2008, the NDC came back to power through a cohesive approach whereby each member contributed significantly. White giant was really magnificent during the campaign. It is perceived that white giant and little black lady had fallen out with their beloved Mills because he chose John Dramani Mahama over their darling Mould as running mate.
The blended couple never went a day without chastizing Mills and his government to the extent that little black lady had to contest mills during the primaries. After her disgraceful loss, she stepped aside to form a new party to ensure that her political aspirations are met. Most Ghanaians questioned their allegiance to the NDC and selfishness. The hard-headed couple kept on lambasting the Mill’s administration even after his demise. Basing majority of their accusations on corruption and his inability to manage his human resource.
The next president, Mahama wasn’t any different, he was a victim of the black and white family. He overcame all these negative advances and won the polls in 2012.

He however lost in 2016, which was a great joy to the white’s family. The ironic part was the daughter of the blended winning on the ticket of the NDC.
There are assertions that the blended feel they’ve their party back and won’t stop blaming the immediate leadership especially the young bloods for the loss.
White giant is noted for his bitterness, vindictiveness and drama anytime he’s in the lime light. His gesture towards Oko was his usual speciality of exhibiting his frustration. White giant loves attention and always succumbs to the commands of little black lady.

They act happy but deep within I believe they bleed because of the atrocities they’ve caused the NDC; bedding the NPP and throwing the party to the wolves… And today I believe he stayed in his seat to take a moment or two to rethink his actions as the world simultaneously cheered on Mahama. …..Despite these happenings I always look at Mahama and smile. He is my man.
I have always craved to meet Mahama one day and just tap him in the back for how great he’s brought Ghana. However, the furthest I can get is to see him on social media and in my dreams.
I pray this piece gets to Mahama just for him to know that there is someone somewhere who loves John Dramani Mahama to the core.

19 years ago I vied for the boys prefect position however lost bitterly. I was intelligent, had it all going, every pupil loved me but at the end the love I felt never manifested in the votes. Upon declaration of the results I disappeared from school. I cried bitterly. I was just 11 years and wasn’t suppose to go through such emotional torture. I remember my mum and siblings being the bedrock. At that moment I really needed a shoulder to lean on. JDM I bear your pain.

You lost and I know you’re disappointed. It is human! This is the period when close friends will disappear, anybody can talk thrash and you’ll be left with your thoughts. You won’t even feel like talking to anyone, you’ll be extremely angry with those who let you down and most importantly question God for your defeat. Forget the blended couple!!
People will ridicule you but just remember that the harm has already been caused. You can’t saw a sawdust. Please leave things the way they’re and move on. Sometimes there are some occurrences beyond the human reasoning but I believe that whatever transpires despite the negative side has some positives embedded in there. I know my gentle, handsome, eloquent JDM will live to fulfill his purpose on earth and can always count on one Kofi Dake to be there at all times. “Prosterity will judge us all” Ghanaians will look for Mahama in daylight with a searchlight.

Written by Kofi Dake