Whatsapp group chat updated

Facebook-owned WhatsApp has  pushed a server-side update to its app on Android that increases the number of users included in a group chat. Until recently, a WhatsApp group chat could include up to 100 users. However, the update now pushes the limit to 256 users. Apple iOS users have also received an update that brings the same functionality, with version 2.12.13 of the app.

For Android users, the expanded group limit is visible on v2.12.367 and above. Android users who do not see the update yet can download the latest version (v2.12.437) from the application’s  company’s website. It is worth mentioning that the new group limit is only visible on Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry 10 for now. However, it should reach other platforms soon.

WhatsApp last month got rid of its $1 annual subscription fee. Until now, WhatsApp asked some users to pay an annual fee for using the app after the first year of use – though as many of us experienced, most users were not asked to pay after a year, and instead were given extensions each year.


Enjoy the new group capacity as you can add more friends.