‘We will die together is not a Compliment’ – Irene Logan tells stalker


Multi talented Ghanaian Singer Irene Logan has a stalker.  The vocalist in a recent post revealed that he has a  fan whose messages are becoming alarming. The fan who is totally in love with Irene is believed to have been sending very creepy messages like “We will die together” to the songstress.

Irene Logan  wrote;

“So this guy has been sending really stalker like messages to me… and sometimes even goes as far as threatening me. It’s ok to love and admire someone but when it becomes obsessive, it’s a major problem. Normally people with stalker-like behavior start soft and then go very intense. I’m not scared of threats from random people and i don’t think it’s a compliment to say to me that “we will die together”… God forbid bad ting… chai… however, I’m flattered and appreciate your love for my craft anything beyond that is crazy obsession….”

What do you have to say about this? Is this fan a Stalker or just a Fan in love.