WATCH: Moesha Boduong Says Ghanaian Women Sleep With Men To Be Successful on CNN And She Is Being Roasted Alive On Social Media

Ghanaian actress Moesha Boduong is at the centre of social media discussions after an interview she granted CNN’s Christiane Amanpour on “Sex And Love Around The World” some months back was recently published by CNN.

In the said interview, Moesha is heard saying women cannot make enough money in Ghana till they find men who are capable of financing their needs; something that has drawn the anger of several feminists.

She said the economic necessity is what drives some women to date men who can support them — even if they’re married.

“Our economy is in a way that you just need someone to take care of you. You can’t make enough money as a woman here”, she said.

According a number of social media commentators, the comment by the actress is uncalled for and very disrespectful to all the hardworking Ghanaian women who do not have to sleep with men to make it in life.

There are however two parties to the discussions already as others believe all she said during the interview were the harsh realities.

But you can trust Ghanaians to roast Moesha alive on social media. This is not the first time the actress has opened up on her sexual escapede with men.

Watch the interview from below.

Well, as harsh as it seems that it the growing trend in Ghana now. The young ladies of today would prefer to get a ‘Sponsor’, to take care of all their needs.