PHOTOS: Wanlov The Kubolor’s nvde photo leaked

Wanlov Ebony Reigns

After a heated Twitter argument between Wanlov and the producers of Smash TV on Metro TV, popular TV host, Blackofe (who is also the producer of the TV show), shared a [email protected] photo of the  controversial musician on Twitter.  Wanlov was not happy about a decision by the producers to edit a footage of him bathing with the claim that it was explicit content.  He wanted the TV show to air his complete body instead of just his upper body during the telecast. The exchanges beween Blakofe and Wanlov went on until Blackofe suddenly posted an uncensored full image with the caption ‘This is what all the fuss is about. Yes we filmed it. But on reflection decided not to air it.”

She subsequently dared Wanlov saying,

“If you don’t like we go fi delete ooo. It’s entirely up to you. I’m only creating the buzz you mentioned!”