VLOG: When Men Say they are Tired of A Seksy Black woman

In Malaka’s vlog for this month, She questions the veracity of the claim that certain “conscious men” are tired of seksy Black women. This is a sentiment  she “see quite frequently on my social media outlets, with men condemning women for an inability to cook, especially. It’s said, with clicking tongues and shaking heads, that women are more interested in dressing up than learning to do pounded yam.”

Malaka Writes

As I said, I have never heard of a man sliding into a woman’s DMs and requesting copies of her latest thesis or manifesto; but as for nvdes and s3xually suggestive images? The requests continue to thrive.

What are your thoughts? Are men being sincere when they proclaim to have tired of looking at s3xy women? And furthermore, what is the definition of ‘s3xy’, in your opinion?

Check out her Vlog below for what she had to say about a seksy black woman.