Video: Yaa Pono Admits to Smoking of Weed

Tema-based rapper Yaa Pono has stated emphatically that he used to smokes marijuana. The musician in an interview on one of the episodes of ‘The Delay Show’ posted on YouTube on 22 December last year affirmed that he smoked the illegal drug but he was not a recurrent user of the hemp. Pono as he is affectionately called by most Ghanaians earlier denied smoking the drug but later confirmed that he smokes it after the host of the show, Delay cautioned him not to lie on the show.

Correcting Delay who had earlier stated that he is an ardent smoker,  Pono said he smokes when he feels like but does not take the drugs as chain smokers.

To correct what you are saying, there are chain smokers and there are people who also feel like smoking once in a while when he steps out. So what I mean is, I have tested it before, sometimes as boy I go to ‘Ghetto’ just to go and write music but I don’t smoke. There are at times I also feel like I have to do it.”

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