VIDEO: UCC lecturer’s vehicle up in flames

A blue toyota matrix believed to be owned by a lecturer of the University of Cape Coast – UCC caught flames earlier today.

Fire from the burning car almost caught another car that was parked beside it but some UCC students broke the glass and move the car away from the burning car. The car according to an eye witness started burning around 10:30 in the morning. He told that the car  started burning after the lecturer had parked the car and left to his office.

Fortunately,  there was no casualty nor minor injury recorded.  The Students however hooted at the fire service personnel who came to put out the fire.  They claimed the fire service were late and that they had only arrived when the car had already been burnt down to ashes.

Watch Video

Fire Service personnel standing by the Burning car
Personnel from Fire Service putting the fire off
The moved Toyota Corolla which almost caught fire
UCC students at the Scene