Video: Kwaku Bonsam and Kumchacha trade ‘blows’ in live radio studio

The studio of Adom 106.3 FM was the venue of attraction and Ofiekwanso host, Jerry Justice was the referee for the much awaited bout between Man of God, Kumchacha and Man of gods, Nana Kweku Bonsam.

The two – who have for a long time been at each other’s neck on phone and on different platforms – had the opportunity to face each other squarely, and exhibit their spiritual powers.

And it did not take lots of exchanges before tempers flared up.

The ‘son of the gods’, Bonsam threatened to hit the ‘man of God’ and give him a mark that would forever be remembered by him.

But the evangelist turned prophet would not let that happen but rather faced the spiritualist squarely and boot for boot.

The video below shows the heated banter and physical strength they each showed all in the name of protecting their God(s) and also settling old scores.

Enjoy the ‘fight.’