VIDEO: Hanks Anuku says he is ready to Take HIV test live on TV

Reports by some tabloids some weeks ago suggested that popular Nigerian actor, Hanks Anuku had acquired HIV/AIDS and he had  intentionally infected his wife with the disease.

The Actor who spoke to TV3’s Nana Aba Anamoah on the “New Day” Tv show on tuesday, February 24th, 2015 had disclosed that he did not have HIV/AIDS as reported by several tabloids in Nigerian and Ghana.

The Nigerian Actor who normally stars as an action figure in movies stated categorically, that he was not HIV positive.


He also revealed that he had even never visited Zambia or Liberia as reported.

When Nana Aba Anamoah asked the question again, the actor confidently said that he was ready to be tested live on Televison if she wanted.

“Oh God have mercy. It’s false. I woke up one morning and my phone rang in such an unusual form and when I answered I was told about this story.

But I told the caller that he was person calling a wrong number. But after a while more calls kept coming in so I prayed to God and asked him to forgive not just me but everyone who’s spreading such rumor.

I thought it was a joke but after a while, it was running like wildfire in my country Nigeria. I asked myself why me? I am only trying to do something good here so why would someone want to condemn me when I haven’t done anything? I am doing what God says I should do by letting people know that this or that is not good for you. I didn’t make myself a celeb. God did it”.

And they probably don’t know that whatever they are throwing at me that is evil is going to turn out for my good. And I am here to defend it because I don’t have AIDS, I don’t have HIV.

“I have never been to Zambia or Liberia. I have only been to Sierra Leone to visit Tijan Kabar when he was President. I have never seen the Zambian women how they look like let alone sleep with 80 of them. There are too many women in Ghana and I haven’t even had the time to pick up on one because my mind is pre-occupied with many things like writing and travelling around to know the country. They can bring the evidence if they want. The names of the women, their addresses, the date I travelled and all that. I am ready to take them on big time”.

The Actor claimed the rumor had some effect on his family who were initially bothered but stood firmly by him. 

“Initially I thought it was going to tear me apart especially when my family started getting worried about it.

My “wifey” called me and said Honey; don’t mind them; that’s the way it is. When I have the time I do go back to Nigeria because I need a peace of mind for what I am doing because in Nigeria when I move around people follow me. I have a lot of fans around the world because a lot of the youth are impacted positively by what I do in the movies”

Watch the Full Interview below.