VGMA 2017 Board member reveals number of votes medikal had; You won’t believe it


VGMA 2017 took most Ghanaians by surprise when Fancy Gadam won the new artiste of the year over Medikal, who was tipped for the award. A board member of the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards, Nii Ayi Tagoe, has disclosed that rapper Medikal, had only 13 votes for New Artiste of the Year category at the just ended Vodafone Ghana Music Awards.

According to Nii, who made the shocking revelation on the Starr FM’s ‘Morning Zoo,’ the general public that seemed to have shown support to Medikal prior to the awards, did not really vote for him. “The people who made noise for these artistes on social media didn’t really go out to vote. Medikal had 13 votes from the general public for the New Artiste of the Year category,” he said.

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Before the awards, Medikal was tipped as a potential winner of the New Artiste of the Year and the Artiste of the Year categories by most music pundits. Many Ghanaians were shocked, especially that of the New artiste of the year. Even though the AMG business act had the highest nominations of 7, he did not win any of them. Although the organisers have published results for the nominees from the votes by the Academy, Board and General Public, the breakdown for each of these three voting groups is unknown to the public.

In the wake of this, Nii’s revelation is however believed to calm the nerves of the rapper’s fans and instill people’s confidence in the credibility of the awards.

Now I leave you to ponder over these question.

Did Fans of Medikal Vote?

Where the Gadam Fans at? Tell me what you think?

Why do you think Fancy Gadam got more votes?

Could it be possible for Medikal to get just 13 votes?

Tell me what you think by commenting below.