Check this out: UK-based Ghanaian groom breaks Internet with his tears on wedding day

A UK-based Ghanaian groom Gabriel Deku, from London, was overpowered by emotion as he saw his bride Annabella walking towards him at their wedding ceremony at St Martin in the Fields church at Trafalgar Square.

When the UK-based Ghanaian groom and his wife-to-be Annabella tied the knot on May 14 this year, the groom’s emotional break down after seeing his bride walk down the aisle had everyone in the church in tears.

Speaking to MailOnline after the clip went viral, Gabriel tried to explain what the moment meant to him.

‘She looked so beautiful,’

he said.

‘We have different characters; she is actually the more emotional one in the relationship, while I was trying to be the hard man. I kept saying, I’m not going to cry.

‘Seeing her there, I suddenly felt a big appreciation of what I actually have. Knowing that I’m in a relationship like that made me really overjoyful; where someone loves me unconditionally.’

Check out some photos and the video below.

Gabriels emotional break down
Annabella walking down the aisle
Church members shedding tears
Grooms emotional break down