This Evidence Proves Lady In Seks Tape Video Is Not Fella Makafui (Watch Full Video)

The alleged Fella Makafui Seks tape is currently trending and her management has come out to react saying the lady in the video is not Fella Makafui. in our quest to give our readers the most authoritative filla, decided to investigate and we have identified some evidence that clearly shows the lady in the purported leaked video is not the actress but rather a p0rn actress doing her own thing to get paid. Yes, Fella is completely innocent this time.

If you watch the video carefully, the lady indeed looks like Fella but the accent of the lady doesn’t sound like Fella’s accent. The shout of ‘Daddy’ ‘Daddy’ by the lady if you listen closely comes with some sort of foreign accent. Well we all know Fella Makafui and her accent is definitely not what we hear in the video.

Watch The Full Video Now and decide for your self.