Table: ECG clarifies issues with new tariffs; see how you are charged

The electricity Company of Ghana ECG has clarified issued relating to recently approved electricity tariffs after consumers complained of being short-changed.

Electricity tariffs were increased by 59.2% and water tariffs 67.2% from December 14th 2015. Consumers complained of being charged more than the approved rates.

Government announced a reduction in electricity tariff after a “difficult and tortuous” round of negotiation with Labour unions.

The reduction of 15%, a slash from 59% to 45% is said to apply only to consumers using 50kwh or less, also termed lifeline consumers.

The statement from the ECG sought to answer questions about who the lifeline consumers are and some other questions asked by consumers.

The company has also provided an update on subsequent developments and expected impact on consumers.
Click here to see tabulated rates of old and new charges