Statement: Caroline Fires Back At Mzbel

After radio host Caroline Sampson revealed on TV that Mzbel told her Kofi Amoabeng was the father of her (mzbel’s) baby. Mzbel came out to deny telling Caroline anything and made it clear that she is not her friend. The radio presenter has also issued a long press statement to reply her.

Read the full press statement unedited below:

I have been excited about this opportunity as a guest host of the Celebrity Fan Zone on Viasat 1 since its conception. I am a little disappointed that, after an exciting start, there is an ensuing controversy brewing over a misrepresentation by certain media outlets, blogs especially regarding my statements as it pertains to MzBel and my relationship with her. It is my professional disposition, to lend clarity to the issue.

The onslaught of attacks and vitriol on various social media platforms and blogs due to this false representation of my statements regarding my knowledge of MzBel’s story and an implied friendship with her is unequivocally false. I have the contact info of celebrities as a media personality.

Couple of years ago, there was a rumour circulating the media regarding who had fathered MzBel’s son. As a mother myself, I felt obliged to confirm the story from a media standpoint before towing the line of the rumours. I reached out to MzBel via BBM at the time to ask if the rumours of who the father of her child is was true. She responded and confirmed that it was true. I did not approach her as a friend. She was aware of my occupation as a media personality and that was the end of the conversation. I had no existing relationship with her and she freely shared the info, giving me the impression that it wasn’t something she cared to keep private given the fact that she knows i am a media personality.

On the Celebrity Fan Zone show, using the information MzBel had given to me directly, I defended the idea of who her child’s father was. When the frenzy started over what I had said on the show, I personally reached out to her via phone call to explain my position and what was actually said in her defence. She confirmed again that, her cousin watched the show and told her so she was aware of what was said, then assured me that all was good with her.

Right after that phone call, she went on to launch an attack on my person with online posts, inviting her followers to engage in vilifying me and harassing me online. She has implied that our conversation from years ago was merely a cheeky response to a prying person. It is my contention that, her confirmation of the rumours regarding the identity of her son’s father should not have been taken lightly as she is a public figure and understands the consequences of her position and information that she gives to the media. I only represented what MzBel herself said to me in text and used it to defend her when she became a subject of discussion on our show.

On a broader context and on a personal level, I have experienced first-hand the challenges and stigmatization attached to being a single mother.I have shared the depths of my own personal challenges on various public platforms. This is not a situation where i would descend to the lows of name-calling and tearing down people and this is why it’s very hurtful and sad to witness what this statement has been steered into.

Here is a video to the part of the show(celebrity fan zone) the issue was discussed: