Student burns hostel whiles Smoking marijuana

Gone are the days when marijuana was known to be used by the school drop-outs and criminals  but that has not been the case in the 21st century. The current situation of young students including ladies, fully involved in the smoking of marijuana has been on the rise in an alarming rate. Research indicates that Ghana tops the list of African countries that consume marijuana the most.

A final year student of Valley View University, known as John Hermit is smoked marijuana to the extent of burning down his hostel building. On Saturday, 5th November, Hermit burned down his hostel room after leaving a piece of burning weed on his pillow. The bed caught fire minutes after he left the hostel to get some food which then led to the sockets beside the bed and in just a matter of seconds, the entire room was on fire. All his belongings including his TV set, Fridge, Laptop, Clothes and almost everything caught fire.

Below are pictures of the room after the fire service personnel tried to calm down the situation.