VIDEO: Facebook Slay Queen, Aku Sika Bonked by 2 Guys and She cried like a baby

Aku Sika Akosua Sika

You would recall sometime last year when a certain Facebook Slay Queen By Name ‘Aku Sika’ was given the beating of her life by her fellow lady for trying to Snatch the ladies’ man. If You don’t then read now before you continue.

Aku Sika is back in the headlines again and this time she was captured in a threesome.In the video, Aku Sika is being banged by two strong men. What Aku actualy does with her private time is obviously no body’s business but the way she was crying like a baby drew our attention to it.

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We are however now unsure if she agreed to have that threesome, which we would have been very disappointed in her for the way she cried like a baby. The other explanation could be that she was actually forced and that will constitute rape.

Watch The Video below and decide for your self.