Showboy replies Criss Waddle’s apology letter; “I will never forget you for …….”

Showboy and Criss Waddle

On April 1st, Criss Waddle wrote an apology letter to Shatta Wale and his former best friend, Showboy and in the emotionally ‘April foolslike’ letter he put on his Facebook page, Waddle pleaded with his onetime best friend to let his ego go and come back to the AMG camp.

In his apology letter, Criss Waddle seemed not to be a happy person after Showboy left, because they used to be the best of friends and did a whole lot of things together as business partners as  well. Showboy really got Criss’s back to the extent of publicly dissing Shatta Wale when the latter and Waddle had a beef

Well,  Show has reacted to Waddle’s apology letter. In his reaction to Waddle’s apology letter an Instagram post, he disclosed that, he’s seen the letter and that he’s forgiven Criss Waddle but there’s one thing he can never forget him for.

He wrote that he can never forget Criss Waddle for wasting his time and energy in building AMG. In the same post, he revealed that he is the founder of AMG.

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What Happened?

Criss Waddle and Showboy have had a lots of differences but have managed to always solve them amicably. A source close to Show hinted that, Criss Waddle owed him some money but when he (Waddle) got some money, instead of him to settle his debts, he was rather living a luxurious lifestyle and when Showboy complained, Waddle got pissed off.

We have reason to believe Medikal was one of the reasons why the friendship between them ended. is reliably informed that anytime issues about Medikal popped up in AMG and Showboy raised concerns, Waddle always took sides with Medikal and jumped to his defense all of the time.

Check out his Instagram post.