VIDEO: Shatta Wale Slaps bodyguard on stage and refuses to apologise

Shatta Wale Bodyguard

I am sure you have already watched the video where Shatta Wale slapped his own bodyguard for failing to do his job by allowing a fan to climb onto the stage while he was performing. If you’ve not watched it yet, There you go, Watch it before we continue.

After this unfortunate incident of Shatta Wale displaying his monstrous act,many asked him to apologise to the man he slapped in public. Well, Shatta Wale said we should tell you that apology would never come as he has revealed that, there’s nothing wrong with slapping his own bodyguard because it’s part of their SM code. Shatta Wale also added that his bodyguard would never grant any media interview because he (Biggie Sparta) is very loyal to him and the SM empire.

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See the Facebook post he made below:

Well I can only SMH. If slapping is an SM code, then I guess they are really enjoying)