Shatta Wale’s Father, Shatta Capo details how he gave birth to Wale in a hot afternoon bang (Watch Video)

Shatta Wale’s father, Shatta Capo was in the studios of Hitz FM today to address issues of some prophecies concerning his son. Shatta has been prophesied to die by the end of the year if the nation does not pray for him. Shatta Capo revealed in the interview that, his son is “undieable” and described such prophecies as doom and that the God he serves will not allow such prophecies to pass.

In his interview, he revealed something quite interesting things about his son. Shatta Capo revealed that Shatta Wale was product of a hot afternoon ‘bonk’ and that explains why he looks like him. He also mentioned in the interview that, Shatta Wale spent close to 13 months in his mother’s womb instead of the usual 9 months, and that alone proves that his son is truly blessed and has a special mission to achieve on earth. Shatta Capo stated on the show that his son, Shatta Wale was born on 17th October 1982 and this goes contrary to Shatta Wale date of birth on Wikipedia, 17th October 1984. Well, we don’t really worry about that, what is interesting to know is that our lovely ‘dance hall king’ is a product of a hot afternoon ‘Jam’. Have you asked asked your parents how they produced you? Eiii! Shatta Capo, you do all! son and listening to him on radio gave us that prove.

You might want to watch the full interview below