Watch: Shatta Wale calls Criss Waddle gay on Tv

Just when we thought the beef between Shatta Wale and Criss Waddle was over, the controversial Dancehall King does the unthinkable again. Shatta has attacked by calling Criss Waddle gay on Live Television.

Shatta Wale called Criss Waddle gay again in a fresh interview with Delay on her tv show. Delay asked Shatta Wale  whether he will speak to Criss when they meet, Shatta bluntly said 

“Oh…but he (Criss Waddle) is gay. I don’t befriend gays. He’s not my friend…I never knew he was gay, I wouldn’t have even recorded with him.”

A surprised Delay further quizzed whether he (Shatta Wale) is aware Criss Waddle can sue him, but an unperturbed Shatta said 

“He can go and sue me, he is gay and everybody knows.”

He further insisted “He is gay, people know.”

Watch the full interview below.