VIDEO: If Shatta Wale Slap me, Is it your ears? Biggie Sparta slams media

Over the weekend, the media was buzzing with news and a video of Shatta Wale slapping his bodyguard Biggie Sparta for failing to prevent a fan from jumping on stage at the just ended S concert. If you haven seen the video, watch here.

In a video by released by Shatta, Biggie Sparta was seen professing his undying love for the dancehall champion and he was going on and on about how he (sparta) will never sellout. Biggie in the video was also of the opinion that it was he who was given the dirty slap, so why should it worry people if he was ok with the slap his mum probably never gave him before.

If Shatta Wale Slap me, Is it your ears?

Biggie quizzed.

Shatta Wale had earlier on indicated that slapping was an SM Code and it was quite normal in the family. Yeah, people are just ‘chopping’ the slaps here and there. Now Biggie has also come out to hit the nail right on the head indicating there is no need for Shatta Wale to apologise to him.

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