Shatta Wale is a coward who is afraid of Ara B, He slams bloggers instead of Ara B

ara b and shatta wale

Self acclaimed dance hall King, has always been seen as that guy who fears no one in Ghana, but recent happenings has made me realise Shatta Wale is coward and he is so afraid of Ara B, Yaa Pono etc.

Over the weekend, Shatta Wale’s wife opened a container pub, which was mocked by Ara B, who used to be Shatta’s right hand man. Now this as we all expected, did not settle down with the so-called ‘Dancehall King’ and he decided to hit back. One would expect Shatta Wale to hit hard at Ara B, but Wale cowardly diverted his attention to bloggers who only reported what Ara B’s mocking. In a post on Facebook, Shatta Wale called us (bloggers) fools and lazy people, but me I never bore.

Michy, some few weeks ago caused the arrest of her husband’s onetime friend Ara B, when the latter made some comments about her, calling her a prostitute. Ara also claimed that Shatta Michy sleeps with bosom friends of the Dance hall artiste and also have s£xual relations with her colleague females.

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I however will ask Shatta Wale why he decided to attack the messengers rather than the sender? Is he afraid of Ara B? Why is Mr. ‘I don’t fear huu’ afraid of his former right hand man? Could he be afraid of the secrets that would come out if he says ‘fiiii’? 🙂 🙂 I laugh enter my blog 🙂 :).

For your information Mr. Wale, we bloggers write about what we see or hear and we make sure we verify our sources before we publish, So next time you have a beef with someone, don’t be afraid to take the fight straight to him

Shatta Wale Wrote on Facebook

When i started they said my beats will take me no where but i never listened to them.Today the same beats has bought me a mansion ,2 other mansion (building in progress) ..Just yesterday my wife told me she wanted to start a small business which i am supporting her and all Lazy people. can say is its a container lol .#Ayoo We like it and please dont stop criticizing cuz that will make us build the biggest club in Ghana right under your Fvcken nose..Thank you for reading !! Foolish bloggers !!!