Selly Galley also slams Nana Akua Addo and reveals more Secrets

The whole Bibi-Akua saga has taken another turn, as wife of Praye’s Cartel Big J, Selly Galley has also joined the beef train. Just last week, Nana Akua Addo was severely damaged by her colleague, Bibi Bright on Instagram.

According to Bibi Bright, she told Nana Akua Addo her private matter while trusting her not to reveal it to others but she couldn’t keep her mouth shut and made it public so she had to ‘fire’ her on instagram for the world to know her true colours.

Some few days after Bibi  Bright sized up Nana Akua Addo on Instagram, The wife of Cartel Big J after days of keeping mute has also come out to let the world know that everything Bibi said about Nana Akua’s advise to her concerning Glitz Africa Awards was true. She added many things Bibi Bright revealed said about Nana Akua Addo as well.

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“About glitz , as bibi Bright mentioned and to confirm she didn’t lie, akua called to tell me , before glitz nominations were released , that Glitz don’t pay their cover girls so they reward them at glitz awards as compensation. That myself and her we ain’t in the glitz clique so she’s heard we ain’t going to be nominated at all. And that I shouldn’t dream of going . The nominations came and she made it. She called to express how angry she is that I wasn’t nominated and that my fans have really “fought” for me so if I attend the event for any reason my fans will turn against me. She also said she wouldn’t go because she heard she’s not going to win.

Truly as bibi bright said she called me and I told her akua and I won’t go . I must confess i actually fell for all akua told me because she came across as having my interest at heart and making up for the times she betrayed me. I even questioned if any one from glitz has any personal issues with me Selly . Bibi said I should never believe the girl because she’s gotten to know how akua operates too well. That is when I came to the realisation of who I keep giving second chances to as a friend . Loyalty is not her virtue.
So I sent her the messages above before the glitz awards . Note that I didn’t attend the event because I fell very ill that day after picking my outfit from my designer. I couldn’t walk . My feet got swollen with blisters. I barely got through at work and had to get home and watch the event live on fb . And there she was on that fateful day looking gorgeous on that red carpet!!
I still held the thought that she might have changed her mind to go after I cut her off as a friend but I heard she’s been paying for that dress for a year now in anticipation just for that glitz day ! true or not she was there !
This was the person I knew as a friend ! …..

My third experience was when one lady from a TV station I hadn’t met before who is close to glitz told of how akua dm for her number and damaged me and told her I don’t deserve to be nominated for glitz awards ! All this while she was still someone I knew as a friend !
I logged on to ig and saw bibi bright put akua on blast and revealed how akua has damaged other industry people to her . But i wasnt shocked ! She has told me worse about people . People that I knew before her. People who hadn’t done me no evil. And that is when I told her I can’t be friends with her no more.
I learnt she’s sent direct messages to people to insult me because I am fuelling bibi bright. Now ,what bibi even posted are things I don’t know off. Things akua hasn’t even mentioned to me about these people.
She has said different worse things to me. Even about bibi so am very shocked to know she and bibi were this close that she said all these damaging stuffs to bibi about people. I’ve met akua three times only. since I heard of her last year December and she dm-ed me.
Now akua I won’t even start to say the many other damaging things you’ve said about so many prominent people to me . About how you’ve sabotaged people to be de-casted for movie roles and am not even talking about too-sweet that everyone knows of. But I ask you to stop tarnishing me as fuelling bibi because you akua, know that what bibi wrote for some reason you couldn’t gossip that deep to me.
You reported yemmeybaba the blogger for defamation of character and confessed you’re the one behind the popular “belly blaze ” ig account who has virtually insulted all the other industry women on their various pages. Including me ! Little did I know it was you all along . My own friend !This industry is too big for us all. And before you go about saying I am also jealous of you as you’ve said about bibi in the blogs , know that I’ve always done me ! Be me ! Content with the little I have. Do not live beyond my means . Whatever my husband gives me I make the most of . I work hard for everuthing i have. I do not fake . I don’t show any extravagant lifestyle on social media that I could not afford. Women must support each other .

I’m sorry I’ve had to stoop to this level everyone, and if you know me you know I try to ONLY focus on my work and family.
Unfortunately certain events that have happened over the past couple of days has brought me to this point. Where I felt the strong need to speak up for myself .
No doubt our industry is a challenging one, and extremely competitive, however a few of us try to maintain a level of friendship and keep the competition as healthy as possible because there’s room for all of us. Sadly some people do not like this idea and continue to try and stir the pot to create drama even when one is far away from them . To tarnish you to others in an attempt to ruin your reputation. I will continue to take a stand against any form of unhealthy “competition” and attempt at putting other women down in an attempt to lift me up.
bringing another down doesn’t make you any bigger . It’s a crazy world where we women are still struggling to fit in with our insecurities , inferiority complexes , lack of self beliefs , and many more challenges . If we won’t help each other up, let’s not drag each other down then.
I stand for unity among us and not division through destruction. Thank you all so much for your love and support and advice. Once again I sincerely apologise to many people I respect so much who encouraged my silence . And to you all.

Selly also added screenshots of  what she claims to be WhatsApp conversation of her and Nana Akua Addo. Let’s see if Nana Akua Addo will reply Selly.

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