Sarkodie Vs Manifest: What makes Manifest’s #GodMC a direct reply to Sarkodie’s #Bossy

Most of you might have heard of a certain “Sarkodie Vs Manifest” Beef somewhere. Yes, you were not dreaming.  Two of Ghana’s rap heavyweights Sarkodie and Manifest have recently been involved in some rap attacks.

This whole Sarkodie Vs Manifest Beef started when Manifest released a song titled ‘GodMC’. The lyrics of the song seemed to launch direct attacks on Sarkodie for his latest song, ‘Bossy’. As we all might know Sarkodie and his style of rap, which most times is basically to brag about himself. But this time around Sarkodie took his bragging to another level and too far. Even though Sarkodie did not exclusively direct the bars towards Manifest, he however might have been offended by Sarkodie’s choice of words.

Don’t worry about going through all the lyrics to make sense of it, that’s why is here. I have made sense of the whole  Beef below.


Sarkodie started his punches on a high note, categorically stating that he is stressed out. Now that should tell you he is not happy with someone, some people or something.

Mern am stressed out

Sarkodie also made us aware that this is all emotions and it has nothing to do with bars.

Is all about the emotions bro Fvck the bars
Till I pass out

Now let’s take a look at how Manifest replied each of Sarkodie’s lyrics in Bossy

#1. Sarkodie Raps : “Manifest meserε wo lemme just use your “dor dor dor ti dor” to end this verse”

Manifest Replies: “Go to the market, buy yourself some manners. Don’t use my name in vain. That’s just for starters”

#2. Sarkodie Raps : “Mehn I’m feeling bossy”

M.anifest Replies: “When the boss is around who can you boss around?”

#3. Sarkodie Raps : “I’m a king but I don’t feel I gotta wear crown #Bossy”

M.anifest Replies : “What’s a king to a god emcee?”

#4. Sarkodie Raps : “Omo se Sarkodie ndropi punches. I can do it really but the point is, wo rapi na wo punchi pii aa Joe you sound immature.”

Manifest Replies : “We some intelligent niggas that cannot dumb it down. Even my nonfa back then had sense in it”

Now there you have it, Go download both tracks and enjoy.

Watch this space for more on the Sarkodie Vs Manifest.