“Rush Energy Drink” Painted Black

Reports reaching us indicate that a group of people have set out to defame a now popular energy drink ‘Rush energy drink’. There is a message trending on social media to desist buying this product. The message includes ‘Rush energy drink’ contain chemicals, toxic to the human body. It continues as killing 180 Nigerians and now in Ghana. Calling it a frozen fruit juice.

Below is the message

“Hi, pls pass this to your friends on your contact list -Just got dis Please, don’t buy or drink any plastic frozen juice called “Rush”. Customs says it was shipped into Ghana  from Nigeria where it has killed 180 people. It is said to contain a poisonous chemical. Please pass this on and save millions. If u don’t believe check google for “Rush Energy Drink” Save lives as I just saved yours.”

The product is produced by Twellium industry located at Kotoku, off the Accra-Nsawam highway in Ghana.

Sources from  the company believes it is a planned scheme by their competitors to paint the product black. Asked why, the source answers as they have overtaken the market swiftly, being the number one energy drink  on the Ghanaina market. The source continued that it is very affordable and popular because the water sellers vend it together with the sachet and bottle waters on the street. 

The company assures of being authentic and accredited by Food And Drugs Authority (FDA), so there is no cause for alarm.

“Rush energy drink” has sponsored events such as the Ghana Teen Choice Awards, Breast Cancer Awareness Campaigns , Television Programs among others as a way of fufilling its quota of Coporate Social responsibilty.

By: Judgement