Revealed: What started the Goil Fuel Station fire at Circle

This morning,  Ghanaians woke up to a very horrific scene of a Goil Fuel Station burnt down with a death toll of over 100 and many more injured. The incident is described as the greatest disaster to hit the country after the May 9th stadium disaster. When the incident occurred, we at have been investigating to find out what started the fire. We came upon an eye witness, Sedem Garr who claims to have seen how everything started. Upon interviewing him, Sedem revealed that the whole fire was caused by a lit match that was dropped by a weed smoker.
Below is a full account of how the fire started.

The gutters in the area were choked as usual. So with small rain it began to flood. And then people began to take shelters in buildings and cars and the filling station. Apparently a tanker full of fuel had just arrived and was sitting at the station. So as the water level rose, the fuel began to leak into the water and the water currents took it along.

It flowed down the street behind the
station towards the new market.

So the whole area began to smell strongly of petrol. Some wee smokers near the market however were smoking and one threw a match into the water, igniting the fuel and there was an initial explosion which set fire to one house.
And then the fire spread up the road setting fire to more buildings. Then it got to the main road and turned towards the station and then there was a huge explosion. Which then set other buildings on fire.
And then there were a series of other explosions as the fire raged on”

When asked what happened to the weed smokers who lit the match, he said.

According to my aunt who lives just beside them, the man who threw the match managed to escape. I don’t know what happened to the rest.
I saw the initial explosion and everything after. I just didn’t see the man who threw the match. My aunt did.