REVEALED: The hidden agenda behind Criss Waddle diss video against Shatta Wale

It appears Criss Waddle had a hidden agenda in the diss video he released quite recently. The whole drama of the Waddle-Wale beef started because both artistes released a song with the same title ‘Bie Gya’.

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After both songs were released,  AMG fans and Shatta Movement fans started a verbal war on who copied whose song. Both artistes released statements on Facebook ordering their fans to seize fire. Criss Waddle however made a U-turn the next day to release a video,  where he accused the ‘dancehall king ‘ of  selling him out. According to the AMG boss,  Shatta Wale had come out publicly to call on his fans not to insult him, Criss Waddle, but rather he, Shatta Wale was pushing his loyalist around him to release videos to insult Criss. Now this according to the ‘P3p33p3’ hitmaker infuriated him to make a diss video. Even though every body, expected Shatta Wale to also reply him with a diss song or video,  he gave the best of replies,  by calling for peace and not retaliating.

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However,  there appears to be hidden agenda that Criss Waddle and his team failed to inform us.  He has capitalised on the video to make money. He uploaded the video on his YouTube account and monetised it to display ads. is reliably informed that Mipromo Media, a YouTube video distribution company who manages Criss Waddle’s YouTube account have been battling others who have the video on YouTube accounts and have filed copyright ownership on the videos which enable them to earn from the videos. As much as he has every right to monetise, copyright and earn from the video. We feel it’s quite shameful for such an artiste to diss someone and try to earn money from the dissing video instead of earning from his artistic works such as music videos and dance videos.