How to register your business in Ghana; A step by step approach

register your business

Business registration in Ghana has been seen to be something that is very complex, but it is really not so. To register your business in Ghana is as simple as ABC but you just need to get all things right. The problem is just that most people probably don’t know it is simple because there is too little information on how to register your business. You would have to walk to the Register General Department’s (RGD) office to get the information you need. (Seriously?? Yhh!! Seriously.)

I will be taking you through what you need for a successful business registration and the step by step approach of how to register your business. You should however note that, all Limited Liability companies are expected to fill out the relevant Application Forms, which serve as the Company’s Regulations. All companies must have an auditor, who must be a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, but should not be an officer or servant of the company or be an employee or partner of such persons. When all such forms have been filled satisfactorily and relevant fees paid, a Certificate of Incorporation and a Certificate to Commence Business are issued.

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To successfully register your business, you will need have the following:

  • Tax identification number (TIN) (You can get this at the Ghana Revenue Authority Offices)
  • Consent letter from qualified Auditors (Any Chartered accounting firm)

To register your business name, you need to

  • Pick up a prescribed Form A from the register generals department (RGD)
  • Submit filled forms and pay required processing fee
  • Registrar examines and issues business registration certificate as well as certified true copy of the form to be submitted as attachment

You can also register your business as a limited liability, limited by guarantee, external company or a partnership. I have outlined below how to do business registration on the various types of businesses.


  • purchase a set of Limited Liability Forms from RGD
  • Lodge the following document at the Registry after completion.
    • Declaration
    • Consent letter from qualified Auditors.
  • Pay a prescribed fee and a 5 %stamp duty on stated capital.
  • Registrar issues certificate of incorporation and certificate to commence business.

Official time frame is five working days but hey!! I wouldn’t count on that if I were you.


  • Purchase a set of prescribed regulations and a set of Form 3 from RGD
  • Completed forms should be submitted at the Registry with a payable fee.
  • Lodge the following document at the Registry after completion.
    • Declaration
    • Consent letter from qualified Auditors.
  • Registrar issues certificate of Incorporation and certificate to commence business.


  • Purchase and complete Forms 20 and 21 from the Ghana Publishing Company Limited. Opposite, Novotel, Accra (Now Assembly Press)
  • Submit duly completed forms at the RGD together with the following:


  • A certified true copy of the Memorandum and the Articles of the Association of the Company registered outside Ghana in English
  • A certified true copy of the Certificate of Incorporation.
  • Power of Attorney to the Local Manager


  • All the constitution of the External Company
  • All these duly endorsed by the Ghana Mission in the Country if any or the nearest country where there is Ghana Mission.
  • Pay prescribed fee of in USD or cedi equivalent.
  • The Registrar examines registers and notifies the local manager in writing.


  • Purchase and complete Form “A” for Incorporation of Partnership from the RGD
  • Present duly completed form together with a stamped partnership agreement at the Registry.
  • Pay prescribed fee.
  • Registrar examines document and issues certificate of registration.


Now I believe with all these you have a fair idea of what you are supposed to do to register your business. If you have questions, you can visit the RGD website to ask them (let’s hope you get your response asap) or You can also ask email me your questions to [email protected] Oh hey!! I also found out you can get your business registered online now. Way to go RGD! Let’s see how the online service goes.

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