Reefer Tym reveals new Wisa Greid collaboration.

Reefer Tym has revealed he will be releasing a new single with Wisa Greid.

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Produced by Smoque and Reefer Tym, This song follows the previously released ‘I like it’ and ‘Beeshi’. Reefer and Wisa Greid are to shoot the video for the song in Labadi.

Download Reefer’s ‘I like it’ on mediafire here.

Reefer Tym himself recently hinted that his new album is finished when he sent a tweet on Saturday (May 14) that appeared to suggest that he was listening to his own Album.

Reefer tweeted pictures of himself. See below.

Reefer collaborates with Wisa Greid
Reefer collaborates with Wisa Greid
Reefer’s promo picture
Reefer Tym

Reefer Tym officially launched his second studio single (I like it) in May exclusively online.

Asked for a status update on the album. “It’s done!” he said. “But to me, it’s never done until it’s done. Until the final moment.”