Reefer Tym tells Sarkodie to keep wearing his Kanta rags

Twitter has been on an ‘uproar’ for since yesterday over Sarkodie’s Kanta which is supposedly a reply to Rapper M.Anifest’s GODMC song

Lots of celebrities took sides with some of them taking to troll the rappers involved in this ‘beef’ on social media after Sarkodie’s Kanta was released.

Whiles most artiste were siding with Sarkodie, Reefer Tym decided not to go with the Sark.  He has thrown some shades at the BET award-winning act, Sarkodie. It’s highly unlikely for up and coming acts to take sides when giants like these are in a beef but This young rapper could not keep mute.

In an interview with Reefer asked Sarkodie to Keep wearing his rags.




“At the heights he has reached, trying his best to brand himself and Ghana with Twi rap. He has failed; dressing is culture!! Insulting our cultural heritage is unacceptable. He can continue wearing his Kanta rags”

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