READ: Lydia Forson’s emotional tribute to Bob Okala

Outspoken actress, Lydia Forson has written an emotional tribute to Ghanaian comedian, Bishop Bob Okala who is known in private life as Samuel Kwadwo Boaben. Bishop Bob Okala died in the early hours of Sunday, March 13, 2016, at the Koforidua Regional Hospital.

Lydia Forson wrote:

Sad day… Comedians and artist give us so much and get very little in return.They make us laugh, cry and take us through tough periods of our lives with their art.

It’s easy to assume we have it all, after all how will you know we don’t. To bring you the best we often have to suppress our own challenges and discomfort just to entertain and live up to the standards you’ve set for us.

When’s the last time you bought a film, paid for a concert or for a song. It’s almost always a bootleg version or an excuse to get it for free.
For those who do, we are ever grateful but for those who don’t, how do you think we survive?

Where do you think the money comes from? How are we constantly trying to bring out the best amidst your criticisms without any money? How?

You say you made us. But with what contribution?
How many have invited us to parties and expected us to be there for free, forgetting it’s how you make a living.

How many have requested we MC their events and weddings, as a “friend”? How many times have you berated a celebrity for not giving enough to “charity” , when in some cases they are walking charities themselves.

As I read the news about Bob Okala’s death these are some of the thoughts that ran through my mind

Why do we continue? Because it is a passion that you can’t run away from, a passion that needs to be fed, a passion that needs to continue to give no matter how unappreciated, underrated or disrespected it makes you feel.

Bob Okala, once upon a time made us all laugh and for a lot of us entertainment industry paved a way.

Thanks to people like him , a lot more attention was brought into the industry and we are in some ways enjoying the fruits of his labour and that of others before us.

Are things much better for us now than it was for them? Yes. But we still have a long way to go.
Sorry for the long rant, but his death has got me feeling some type of way.
To all who support and genuinely appreciate us, thank you.‪#‎RIPBOBOKALA‬

Lydia Forson