Ras Mubarak dares Ghanaians to Vote out NDC


The acting Chief Executive Officer of the National Youth Authority (NYA), Ras Mubarak has dared Ghanaians to vote out the National Democratic Congress (NDC) government in 2016 over the energy crisis, if they want.

In a post on his Facebook page on Saturday, he stated that 

“if governments after Nkrumah had thought about the long term, as JM [John Mahama] is doing, we won’t be complaining about dumsor today. So please feel free to vote against us for thinking and doing things for a Better Ghana, but u will not only thank us tomorrow, you will live in regret, like we are today, for all the bad things we said and did to Nkrumah.”

He asked,

“what use is fixing dumsor temporarily only for it to reoccur in 6 or 7 years?”

The government has been under pressure to fix the energy crisis which has been in existence for three years.

Citizens are growing impatient as the crisis deepens and have threatened to vote out the NDC in the 2016 general elections.

But according to the acting NYA boss, Ghanaians should be proud to have a President who is not

“thinking about the next election, but about what is good for Ghana,”

and warned that a time will come when citizens

“may wish to have a John Mahama as your President many years when he’s gone, but it will be way too late.”

“I’m quite tired of hearing ‘you will see what we’ll do to u in 2016.’ The worse is to vote against us. Our world didn’t end when we went into opposition,”

he stated.


Credit: Citifmonline.com