Rapper, Reefer Tym Launches An Online Hunt for Mystery Woman

Reefer collaborates with Wisa Greid

Most of the times, we find ourselves not been able to retrieve some messages and end up find ourselves wanting. Reefer is in the same dilemma now.

The rapper (Reefer Tym) was delighted to receive a note from an attractive female on the social networking site twitter , but he can’t retrieve her details to contact her in response.

The rapper is urging the mystery woman to send him another message so he can reply.

In a series of posts on the site, he writes,

“Lookin for this girl on twitter page. I can’t find her all I remember (is) she had a nice smile on her avi. Message me! I should have followed her when I had the chance, who knows when she gonna (message) me again! I remember the default tho. Big smile.”