Rape case against my father “bogus” – KKD’s daughter

Ohemaa Kyei Darkwa, the 19-year-old daughter of ace broadcaster Kwasi Kyei Darkwah, (KKD), has said accusation of rape against her father was bogus from the start.

An excited Ohemaa in an  interview after rape charges against her father were dropped said that she has always believed her father did not rape Ewuraffe Orleans Thompson.

“I am incredibly excited because it is just very good to know that my dad has been granted the justice he deserves, this case has been bogus from the start,”

Ohemaa told Wilberforce Asare Wednesday.

She added:

“It is not the age that matters to me but it was the accusation that bothered me because at the end of the day…it is an issue of whether it was a criminality or not and it wasn’t so we are going to the African Regent Hotel to celebrate”.

The state dropped the rape case against KKD at a hearing at an Accra High Court Wednesday.

A seven-member jury was expected to be constituted to hear the rape charges brought against KKD but before the hearing could begin, the State Prosecutor filed a Nolle Prosequi paving the way for the court to discharge the broadcaster.