PHOTOS of Queeny Akuffo, The woman who raped another woman with a toy

 Queeny Akuffo, the lady who stands trial for allegedly sedating another 22-year-old woman and raping her with an artificial pen1s ‘d!ldo’ was in court and some media who were present managed to get some pictures and videos of her.

Her sympatisers, led by the father of 26-year-old Queeny Akuffo, rushed on the journalists outside the court room and demanded that they delete all the pictures and videos that they had taken as she stepped out of the court room right after proceedings.

While pushing some of the journalists ,Ms Queeny Akuffo’s sympathizers, who numbered about five, also hurled insults at them.

The tension was defused after the sympathisers were escorted by some security men at the court premises to their vehicles.

Meanwhile, the court has adjourned the case to February 24, 2016.

When the case was called, the lawyer for the accused was not in court prompting the presiding Judge, Mrs Abena Oppong Adjin-Doku, to issue a stern warning to Akuffo to implore her lawyer to show up during the court’s next sitting.

“Tell your Lawyer that the court will not tolerate any excuse if he fails to show up on February 24. In such an instance, the court will have no choice but to allow you to lead your own defence,” the Judge said.

Led in cross-examination by the prosecutor, Chief Inspector Judith Asante, the victim [name withheld], told the court that both she and the accused live in Ablekuma.

According to her, she was unemployed, a mother with one child, and usually washes the clothes of the accused person for a fee.

On January 25, 2016, she said her younger sister informed her that Queeny Akuffo had asked for her.

She, therefore, went to the house and was offered a drink by the accused. She recounted she initially refused to drink the substance, which she described as a whitish substance but was convinced by the accused to drink by offering her own drink.

Right after taking the drink, she said she did not know what happened, only for her to wake up the next day in her own house.

“Immediately I woke up, my mother informed me that we will go to the hospital and the police station. It was later that I was told that Queeny drugged and raped me with an artificial pen!s and also videoed it,”

she said.

Queeny was arrested by the Anyah Police for allegedly raping the victim.

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Eyewitness Account

A 14-year-old boy, who lived in the neighbourhood and was visiting Queeny’s sister, went to the victim’s house after he had been driven out by Queeny Akuffo, to inform the victim’s parents that their daughter had been drugged by Queeny.

According to the boy, Queeny Akuffo and the victim were drinking together and later he saw Queeny dragging the victim, who was in a wobbly state, into her bedroom before he was driven away.

The parents of the victim went to Queeny’s house and found her taking a video coverage with her mobile phone, while inserting the prosthesis into the private parts of their daughter.

The parents, who found their daughter in an unconscious state, took her to the police station to file a complaint that their daughter had been poisoned.

At Queeny’s house, the police retrieved the empty bottles of beer and Vodka, the vibrator and also found the video on Queeny’s mobile phone

Queeny coming out of the courtroom

Photo credit: Graphic Online