Praye Tintin betrayed me, but Praye Honeho betrayed me the most – Praye Tiatia


Hiplife musician Cartel Big J formerly known as praye tiatia of the praye group has accused his former group members praye tintin and praye honeho of betraying him. The artiste who is currently promoting his new single as a solo artiste in an interview with Happy FM narrated how his former colleague ChoirMaster (praye honeho) broke the award winning group up.

BigJ revealed he was never going to work with his former team even if they suggested it.

“I went through a lot of pain to arrive at this point and so nothing will allow me to go back to my colleagues. I feel much betrayed by my friends. I went through things that were not pleasant and I can confidently say Eugene (ChoirMaster) betrayed me most. As Tintin left we were still a group, and he was planning and had his own ideas while I was all over overworking myself to make the things stand.

“All the deals we signed back then, I can confidently say I made them happen. From Price Tagoe buying our album, to GiHoc Distileries to the Zoomlion deals… I can’t mention figures but Prince Tagoe bought our album outright for two years in dollars. In 2008, no one was buying albums but he was confident and made about 80% of the money he bought the album. Someone from MTN told me Angelina was the most downloaded song ever in their history.”

Detailing the last days of the group, Cartel BigJ revealed ChoirMasta betrayed him;

“I feel my colleague ChoirMasta didn’t handle his plans of going solo very well and I told him it was the wrong move. Finally I had the hint he was going and I told him in the face it was the wrong move. By then, he had gone to record his songs and planned his marketing and branding and all, so he didn’t listen and went on with his plan. TinTin left three years ago and Eugene left a year. I took a year out to think through things and I’m convinced I don’t want to have anything to do with that group again.