Reviews have never been my thing… and this is from somebody who rarely reads them, yet often writes them.
It’s fitting to think that the debut single of any unknown group would be their least pronounced if spoken word art follows after the ‘nature of things’.
For those uninitiated, spoken word is the most contemporary form of oral poetry that’s permeated, quite so recently, our college hallways and classrooms, our school fields, even to opening acts at the VGMAs, on every subject matter in every continent of the world. This is no exaggeration.
In their new video, directed by Benjamin Koppoe of #illmind Productions (with art direction by same), Righteous Ragamuffin Movement seeks to use this new art form in the rarest of music sampling styling to promote the conscious of God’s love for man – the youth being their target bracket. The video style and language of communication very well connect seamlessly together fragments of house cinema, seemingly dusted off from a bygone era, and ultra high-definition slow motion takes, references to extreme real life plots of youth incarceration and the desire to be understood. It’s an unmistaken bold attempt to do it just right; the first time! In the process sprawling together a surreal mix of boldness, fantasy and magic.


Wisdom and Rhymes is so full of punchy proverbial messages and its lyrics so diverse that describing it in one idea wouldn’t do the track justice. It speaks volumes of new age wisdom bites that youngsters can relate to. “Our approach is to motivate and inspire people to bring out the best in them. We believe God gave everyone something to offer in this world and we seek to encourage them to unearth and showcase that gift”, said Aworo, whose opening narrowly missing bottle-whirling skit with the director is sure to keep you glued to your screens till the entire video plays out.
Baddier, his colleague had similar sentiments to share when I quizzed him on his catchy phrases that left us thinking and rethinking, “We’re not just about making music…”, although I admitted that the undulating wailings of the sampled background choir is a futurist symphony we’d love to hear often, “…We’re also sending out a message of hope to the world. We are branding a movement of creative people”
They promised to pour into various different art expressions more of their unique storytelling style, having already set us finger-biting and desperate for more of what Wisdom they possess.
Righteous Ragamuffins’ latest video may soon be the fastest views-stacking debut video in Ghana’s Youtube history, but the unprecedented degree of hype and hysteria it is generating may come at a price – stardom!. Although it doesn’t feel like a rush, I pray that the Ragamuffin Apostles are willing to hold on to their ‘Orthodox Movement’ long enough till Grammy season! Yeah, I said it! The Grammies!
Still haven’t seen it? Watch the video now and continue the bewilderment. Cheers!
By Samuel E. Koranteng (Twitter: @theboyisblack)