This is what Peace Hyde thinks about Stripping in movies

Peace Hyde

Ghanaian Actress Peace Hyde has a different view on posing nvde in movies. Interestingly, She doesn’t see herself as one of those who would strip nvde just for a movie role.

She told Nigerian Entertainment Today in an interview that,

“I can’t see myself going nvde for a role just because the pay is right. Acting is much more than the payment. You are leaving a piece of you behind that is recorded on camera forever.”

“I look at each role with a simple question, will this be something I would be proud for children to see 10 years from now? If the answer is no, then no amount of money will change that decision.”

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The voluptuously bodied actress made her debut in an Alex Mouth-directed flick, Protégé where she starred alongside Nigeria’s Steph Nora Okere and Wale Macaulay in 2013.

Thereafter, she featured in the hit Ghanaian series, Adam’s Apple and has since earned the ‘Kardashian’ tag.