Patapaa replies Kumchacha’s threat of seeking an injunction on his ‘One Corner’ hit song


Ghanaian artiste, Amisty Patapaa has rose to global stardom with his ‘One Corner’ single. The ‘One Corner’ dance craze is so infectious to the extent that upon hearing the song many go to different unusual lengths to exhibit their One Corner dance moves.

Patapaa’s has gotten several pastors and gospel singers to condemn the song entirely, with some religious artist and pastors saying that the song has some kind of demonic influence on people.

One man of God, popularly known as Prophet Kumchacha, has stated that he’ll be heading to court in order to impose an injunction on the One Corner song because he thinks the song has a detrimental effect on people’s lives.

Now in response to Prophet Kumchacha’s attack on his hit song, Patapaa expressed sadness at the negative response from pastors and gospel singers. Speaking in an interview with Adom FM, Patapaa couldn’t understand why these pastors and gospel singers are condemning his hit song. According to Patapaa, these men of God ought to rather try and win more souls for Christ, instead of condemning his song.

He revealed that One Corner is the only one of over 70 songs he’s recorded that has made waves, and wondered why men of God would try and destroy it. He expressed that he wanted to use One Corner to re-launch his career.

I have been an underground artist for a long time now that I’m reaping the fruit of my labor. I have over 70 songs and this is the only one which has hit so why do they want to kill my shine?

He asked.

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