ANANSE’s WEB: The Parachute Test Ghana Needs


Whenever I get the opportunity to sit and think about what a beautiful country Ghana is, I only smile at our shortfalls which are so eminent juVisualText
bilinkb-quotedelinsimgst because maybe we have not had enough tests as managers of our country.

This piece of mine draws inspiration from the guys who fix the parachutes of the men and women who depend on them to land safely in combats or rehearsals. Shouldn’t we all test the parachutes of the systems we have built for ourselves as a country? Should we not all be made to feel the outcome of what we have made out of the opportunities given us to make changes to our dear nation?

I believe strongly if we could make it into a law that none of our bigwigs get to fly outside for health reasons but stay in here and get treated by the very people they expect the average citizen to trust with his/her life, it can change the whole game. In your head, you must be thinking am crazy. Yes, I must be crazy to think they will ever even dream of passing a law like that. You see, that is exactly why we are not making the necessary progress.
Listen to the story of the guys who arrange the parachutes;

In the Marines, “riggers” – the people who pack (i.e., reassemble after use) parachutes for other Marines – have to make at least one jump a month. Who packed their ‘chute? They do: one of the parachutes that they packed for others to use is chosen at random, and the rigger has to “jump it”. This system helps make sure no one gets sloppy – after all, “The chute you’re packing may be your own”.

Now, tell me if this isn’t one of the few kicks in the butt Ghana needs with our institutional leaders, civil and public servants, and politicians to get out of our mediocre life after 60 years of independence? The transport minister may never get stuck in traffic, how does he improve the dusty roads in Bawku? The Agric minster may have and/or never spend a night in a farm keeping watch his crops are not eaten by cattle, how does he feel the pain of the farmer who lost it all? The education minister has all his children in private institutions knowing very well our government institutions are a disaster at the basic levels for what it’s worth, will he ever fix it? I could go on without an end. The president readily flies to UK for medical attention, right? Your guess is as good as mine how he will respond to health out here.

The Roman army used a similar technique to make sure bridges and aqueducts were safe: The person who designed the arches had to stand under each arch while the scaffolding was being removed. If our country will really develop, let us ask ourselves if everyone is truly responsible for outcomes of their decisions? Are we performing every task with the concentration and commitment that we must if a life (ours) depended on it? Keep thinking…

Thank you for reading. @Kweku Ananse Mansoh