Pappy Kojo is disappointed in Takoradi fans and This is why

Fante Rapper, Pappy Kojo who recently released a music video titled “Nyame Bra.” has expressed disappointment in the people of his hometown, Takoradi.

Pappy Kojo feels the people of takoradi have not really appreciated him for what he has done for them. The ‘T’adi Obrafour’ bemoaned Oil City folks do not appreciate his good works in the name of his native city. Indeed, Fante Van Damme did not mince words and bluntly told the people of his proud city that they are simply ungrateful. He rapped, “…Ma m’ay3 ama T’adi nyinaa so wanda m’ase…,” which is translated into English as, “…Upon all the things I’ve done for T’adi, they didn’t thank me…”

Takoradi fans have shown lots of support to his colleague rapper, Kofi Kinata more than him. The whole streets of the oil city went frenzy when Kofi Kinaata won two awards in this year’s Vodafone Ghana music awards (VGMA) while Pappy Kojo was trolled on twitter that same night for not winning any award.

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Asaasewura Santana Jr., a radio presenter on takoradi based Kyzz Fm posted earlier on his Facebook page that,

“#Though I Had Already Done Downloading of Pappy KoJo’s new Joint ‘Nyame Bra’! I Couldn’t Listen Because of My Buzy Schedule today and For a Fact that I’m not a fan of his songs though I love his brand! Maybe if it was Kofi Kinaata I have listen even in my dreams since I was gonna hear lot of sense and advice!

I just listened to the song and the Part that has gotten people talking! That, upon all that he has done for taadi people we didn’t thank him “Maa may3 ama Taadi nyinaa wanna mase”

The First Question that came to mind was, what has Pappy Kojo done for Tadi? Maybe I’m new here and will need some education! Did he build some school, hospital or something?

Or because of the “yi Wo dross” we haven’t heard of before?

Pappy Listen Takoradi don’t hail profanity okay, this people will hail you if you do sensible songs like the Susuka thems not Kye no mame, Yi wo dross, realer no or whatever

I heard a rumor that he allegedly stated he will not spend a night in Takoradi during the EIB Takoradi Empire FM Launching Concert, and said Tadi did not help his brand during the hustling days!

At least Joey B brought you from the states and you making it in Accra, what thanks do you need from Tadi Again!

Bra y3nni aseda biaaa ma wo wate! Enti yi Wo dross na dwonso Nada!

If you want the people to recognize you, be part of us, this is Tadi for you, if you can’t associate with us we no dey see u koraaaaaa! Lol!

Note : This Article Is Satiric In Nature! And Does Not Reflect My Stance as a Radio Personality”