Open Letter to President John Dramani Mahama

Your Excellency; President Mahama
I trust that you and your entire household are great. I wish upon you the blessings of Allah (Subahana Wata Aalla) as you strive to handle the affairs of our great Nation, Ghana. I am a Ghanaian citizen and a proud Muslim. This open letter must therefore be treated as one coming from a concerned citizen.

Your Excellency, There has been a grave injustice done to the entire Islamic community and a show of disrespect to our religion. On Saturday, 18th July 2015, Muslims around the world marked the end of Ramadan with the Eid ul Fitr celebrations and as Ghanaian Muslims we also joined the celebrations. It was however heartbreaking to wake up on the morning of Eid ul Fitr day to realise that the Almighty Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) had ripped out our hearts from our lungs by switching off the light. I thought it was just a fault and that it will be fixed in no time. My grid is in Group A of the ‘Dumsor’ Schedule, so I called a friend in Group B and he also had no light and then I called another friend in Group C and he had light. That was when I realised we were experiencing the normal ‘Dumsor’ we already know off.

The funny thing about this is that, on the eve of Eid ul Fitr, I was scheduled to have light but ECG gave us light at 6 pm only to take it back 30 minutes later, I thought they were saving power so they could supply us on Eid day, so I never got angry or even complained.

I sat down to reminisce how we enjoyed uninterrupted power for a whole week during Christmas and Easter celebrations. I keep asking myself why our own was different. If ECG was able give a whole week of power on Christmas, Easter and also to watch The Blackstars match during the world cup and Afcon, then why couldn’t they provide we the Muslims with just one day of uninterrupted power.

Your Excellency, We the muslim community see this as a great injustice and a show of disrespect to our religion. It was so sad to see people in unironed cloths on the day they were supposed to be in their best. In as much as I commend your office for recognising Eid day as a national holiday I still think the Muslim Ummah were not treated fairly.

I don’t know whether to blame your office for not ordering ECG to give us light or ECG for not carrying out such an order (If it was given). I must reiterate that I am very much disappointed with the level of treatment that was meted out to the Islamic community in Ghana on Eid day. Mr. President, This is my letter to you on behalf of many muslims who are exasperated to speak.

Abdulrahim Shaibu-Issah
Concerned Citizen (Sekondi-Takoradi)
[email protected]