PHOTO: One Corner hit maker Patapaa Spotted At Passport Office

Amisty Patapaa One Corner

It sure looks like someone is having plans to travel out of the country anytime soon. Swedru based artiste, Amisty Patapaa was spotted today at the passport office earlier today. Patapaa, who’s one corner song has become a global sensation and every where around the world, people are exhibiting their one corner dance in all sort of ways.

With the way the one corner dance is already trending and the way Patapaa has been performing in shows after shows. It is just a matter of time before the artiste is invited to perform on an international stage. This is why Patapaa is in a hurry to secure his passport before he misses his opportunity to perform on a global stage just because of a passport.

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I say way to Go!! Amisty Patapaa. And like my friend Shepherd from said, Patapaa for BET!!!!