Nigerian Man Commits Suicide After Girlfriend He Spent Millions on, Dumped Him and Married Another Man

A 35-year-old Nigerian man, Francis Ibegbulem, has been burriedt, days after committing suicide in Altenstadt Bayern, Germany. According to reports, Ibegbulem, from Imo State, moved to Germany from Turkey in 2015 and he was granted 3 years asylum by the German government. He is reported to have initially tried to commit suicide using a knife before running into the forest to hang himself.

The circumstances surrounding his death is still unclear, as some of his friends said that he used to complain about unseen beings following him around, and that he used to soliloquize, prompting his company to sack him.

Another version says that he got jilted by his long term girl friend in Nigeria who recently got married to another man after Francis had invested so much on her. He was buried on Tuesday.