NDC Manifesto: This is what President Mahama is promising for his Second term bid


President Mahama has presented highlights of the NDC manifesto ahead of the December general elections. The hour-long presentation saw the president propose to Ghanaians what his party considers doing if re-elected in the December elections.

JM as he is popularly called made some promises during the highlight of the Manifesto for his second term bid. The NDC manifesto 2016 was based on four key areas:

  • Putting people first; social services and human resources
  • Strong and resilient economy for job creation
  • Expanding social and economic structures
  • Transparent and accountable governance

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In the NDC manifesto for the 2016 elections, President Mahama promised the following.

1. Provide tablets to all students:

President Mahama revealed that his next term in office will see all students provided with electronic books (e-books) as part of efforts to improve teaching and learning. What this means is that students will no longer need to buy textbooks under the next administration of John Mahama and they would be using tablet devices.

2. Set up 5 more regions in Ghana

According to the president, his government will set up a commission of inquiry to look into the creation of new regions so as to look at the viability of increasing the number of administrative regions in Ghana from ten to fifteen.

3. Building toilet facilities in every community in Ghana

This move, according to the president, is aimed at putting an end to open defecation by 2021.

4. Eliminate all schools under trees

Highlights of the NDC manifesto promises to construct decent facilities for all rural schools in the country

5. Fund NHIS with Ghana’s oil money

Mahama said there is the need to rework the sustainability of the NHIS, hence the need to “look for new sources of funding for the National Health Insurance.” These sources, Mahama proposed, will be from Ghana’s oil revenue.

5. Ghana to become a cashless economy by 2021

No forms of cash payment will be considered in Ghana by 2021. President Mahama in the manifesto highlights reveals that “Ghana’s economy will be computerized”.

6. Setting up of intelligent traffic lights

According to President John Mahama, the intelligent traffic signal systems which will be rolled out in his second term will “ease traffic in the major cities.”

There you have it Ghanaians. The president has highlighted his vision for us, it is now up to us if we would let him continue “Toaso” or stop “Twaso”.