National Security invites Amakye Dede; Find out why

Highlife Legend, Daniel Amakye Dede has revealed that he was invited for questioning by the National Security for intervening in the Agogo Fulani menace.

The celebrated musician who comes from the Asante Akyem town speaking on Adom FM’s Evening News on Wednesday revealed that the personnel of the National Security invited him for questioning for appealing to the public to supply him and the indigenes with weapons to protect themselves from the armed Fulani herdsmen.

“I was invited to national security and questioned on that…my crime was that I made an appeal that people with guns, bullets etc should supply us some so we would fight our battle and that led to my invitation by the national security,”

he revealed.

Kofi Dede as he is known and called in Agogo said he was forced to make those comments following the failure of the security agencies to drive out the Fulani herdsmen who are occupying Agogo stool lands.

He expressed disappointment in the Police Commander in the naturally walled town who according to him has taken it upon himself to protect the Fulani herdsmen instead of the indigenes.

“I blame no one but the Police Commander who instead protects the Fulani herdsmen more than the indigenes…,”

he said.

Amakye Dede further warned that the people of the area would be forced to arm themselves and confront the issue head on if the Police Commander and the security agencies fail to act and drive out the Fulani herdsmen.

“If care is not taken, we would at a point in time take matters into our own hands and fight our battle…the people of Asante Akyem are peace-loving people but our leniency must not be taken to mean a weakness…we have men in Asante Akyem Agogo if anyone cares to know”

he warned.

The Chiefs of the town estimate that close to 40 innocent persons from Agogo have lost their lives as a result of this battle which commenced in 2001.

The current incident that is breaking the back of the people of Agogo, he added, is the killing of one Akumfour Badu and another 25-year David Atea on their farms on separate occasions.

“Just yesterday, two persons were killed and we can’t just sit there idle, a time would come, we would take the laws into our hands…we can’t sit down resigned to fate,”

he said.

The Highlife Legend also demanded to know the owners of cattle in Agogo insisting that the owners have to voluntarily take away their cattle if they truly want peace in Agogo.

“The frog likes water but not when it is hot…when persuasion fails, force would be applied…,”

he warned further.