Nana Akua Replies Selly, Listen to the full Audio

Nana Akua Addo has finally broken her silence after she has been describe by fellow actress Bibi Bright and Selly Galley as a bad person. Nana Akua who has refused to make any public response after Bibi Bright’s rather shocking relations about her, has been heard in a leaked audio available to defending herself and blaming Actress/TV host Selly Galley as the person behind everything Bibi said about her on Instagram.

In a series of Instagram posts by both Bibi and Selly, Nana Akua was accused of spreading false information about Bibi Bright and also doing anything possible including intentionally falling on stage to be in the headlines.

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In the leaked audio Nana Akua did not necessarily deny Bibi’s allegations against her but rather asked Bibi to show evidence to substantiate her claims. “Bibi said I am causing confusion among fellow celebrities. Example! who and who have I caused this confusion?”, she quizzed.

Nana Akua has disclosed that if there is any snitch in this whole scandal, that must be actress Selly Galley because she is the only one who is close to almost all the female celebrities mentioned in Bibi’s Instagram post.
According to Nana Akua, Bibi mentioned that she has said bad thing about actress Zynnell Zuh and other female celebrities but both Zynnell Zuh and Bibi Bright are not her friends adding that the only mutual friend they all share is Selly. Nana Akua insisted that she doesn’t speak to Zynnell and Bibi Bright as often as she speaks to Selly and there no way she could have gotten all the information Bibi is accusing her of saying if Selly didn’t tell her.

“Zynnell is never my friend, Selly is my friend so If I hear something about Zynnell where would it come from? Is not Selly? Because Selly is the only common friend to all of us. If Zynnell also hears something about me where will it come from? Is it not Selly? And Selly is a friend of Bibi so if Bibi would hear sometime about me that I have not discussed with her, where would it come from?”

Listen to the Audio below