Mzbel Slammed for her ‘Help Stop Dumsor’ song

Saucy Girl, Mzbel showed her soft side in this simple and elegant gown at the 2014 VGMA

Controversial Mzbel released a song titled ‘Help Stop Dumsor’ last Monday on two Accra-based stations, Kasapa FM and Neat FM and already, people are lashing out at her. Their reason for bashing her, according to Mzbel is because they think she did the song against the recent #DumsorMustStop vigil. “I am surprised because it is not against #DumsorMust Stop which I actually support. This song has been in the offing for a while,’’ the visibly worried Mzbel told the Graphic Showbiz.

She said the insults started on air as soon as the songs were released and then the ‘’aggrieved’’ persons started calling her manager through her contact on social media to rain all kinds of insults on her much to her surprise because she didn’t know what her crime was.

According to the Yopoo singer who did not participate in the recently held #DumsorMustStop vigil because it fell on Saturday, which is a Sabbath day for her, her song basically talks about the fact that everyone must play a role in stopping dumsor by employing measures such as conserving energy, reporting those involved in illegal connections to the appropriate authorities among others.

When it was pointed out to her that some part of her lyrics which go like Everybody pointing fingers at the government, Everybody saying dumsormuststop, wo nso den na wo ye for the dumsor to stop? Yov’ve got every right to demonstrate and talk…..seem to give credence to the perception that her song is against the #DumsorMustStop campaign, Mzbel defended herself saying it was just coincidence.

“ I had done the song for some time now and I got the opportunity to go on the two radio stations and just released it. It is not even on my website for people to download like I normally do and I didn’t make any noise about it prior to the release so I don’t know what they are talking about.

“It is sheer coincidence. The song has nothing to do with the vigil. There are various aspects of this energy crisis and we can all pick it from different angles and this is what I have done. It is not my intention to do a song against any particular person or persons. I see my song as complement to the efforts of others advocating for the end of this problem the nation is currently facing”, she added.

What bothers the mother of one is that, people always have a problem with whatever she says because they misunderstand her, “now I can’t even speak my mind because whatever I say, they will say I want attention.’’

Despite the bashings, she is currently receiving, Mzbel intends to embark on a nationwide tour with her campaign on the energy crisis and hopes to get support from companies like ECG, VRA, GRIDCO, Energy Commission, World Bank and Ministry of Power.

A source at one of the organisations who support Mzbel’s course pleaded anonymity but confirmed that they have been in talks with her for sometime now because they believe in music for development.

“ The kind of message she had was interesting and we thought it was a brilliant idea so we are looking at bringing ECG and the Ministry of Energy on board as well as other artistes”.

Credit: Graphic Showbiz